Youssef Mubarez



Youssef Mubarez is a businessman and community development activist in the Yemeni American community. Born in New York, Youssef grew up bridging the gap between his Yemeni Ancestry and American upbringing.

Youssef graduated from NYU Stern School of Business in 2010 where he majored in Finance and minored in Entrepreneurship. Youssef currently stands as the Chief Operating Officer of ATM World Corp., the largest ATM sales company in the northeast. Along with ATM World Corp Youssef is heavily involved in other entrepreneurial businesses such as Merchant Processing and Real Estate Development. His unique position has allowed for development and communication with Yemeni Merchants on a daily basis. He’s a lifelong New Yorker in his personal life, business and education, Youssef plans on sharing his experience with Yemenis and Americans alike.